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27 February 2017

1st Thematic Working Group seminar on "Environment and Society" in Warsaw, Poland

Copyright: FNEZ
Copyright: FNEZ

The first meeting of the Thematic Working Group "Environment and Society" took place in Warsaw on 28 February 2017, organised by Foundation for Sustainable Energy, partner in the Baltic InteGrid project. During the seminar, together with project partners, representatives from Maritime Office in Gdynia, Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection, National Marine Fisheries Research Institute and General Command of the Polish Navy discussed environmental and socio-economic impacts of an offshore infrastructure. Investors’ interests during implementation of the offshore project were represented by PGE Energeia Odnawialna S.A. – the investor of two offshore wind farms projects in Polish economic zone.

During the meeting, of special concern was the focus on potential impacts caused by the Baltic Offshore Grid. FNEZ, leading the activities regarding environmental and social aspects in the Baltic InteGrid project, has presented the progress in the work on the elaboration of the Impact Mitigation Strategy of the Baltic Offshore Grid - one of the main outputs of the High-Level Baltic Grid Concept. The document was discussed with the participants and the main conclusions are:

  1. for each project, it is obligatory to perform environmental surveys to assess environmental and social impacts,
  2. planned grid infrastructure should be included in the maritime spatial plans,
  3. for grid infrastructure, it is necessary to minimise the risk of spatial conflicts with military areas,
  4. public acceptance, information about the project and scale of potential impacts are important to reduce risk of social conflicts.

Conclusions from the discussion will be transferred to input into the Impact Mitigation Strategy of the Baltic Offshore Grid and the final version of the document will be submitted for consultation with stakeholders and presented in the next seminar of the Thematic Working Group Environment and Society.

For details of the seminar, please refer to the minutes of the meeting:

Thematic Working Group Seminar "Environment & Society" (Warsaw)