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12 July 2018

Cable for Offshore-interconnector Kriegers Flak Combined Grid Solution Installed

Copyright: 50Hertz

For the first time the transmission systems of two countries have been connected via two offshore wind farms. Two submarine cables have been installed between the German operating platform of the offshore wind farm Baltic 2 and the Danish platform of the Kriegers Flak windpark. On Thursday, 5 July, 2018 the installation was completed when the second of the two 25 kilometer long cables was pulled on the Danish Kriegers Flak platform. Electricity is scheduled to flow between both power grids in about nine months from now.

The Danish and German transmission system operators, Energinet and 50Hertz, both have called the successful connection a remarkable achievement. The installation of a submarine cable is generally an extremely complex undertaking. However, in this case it was even more challenging because the cables had to be pulled in the platform and connected to the transmission system without interrupting the running operation of the wind farm Baltic 2.

> 50Hertz press release

If you are interested in more technical details about the management and set-up of the combined grid solution transmission system between Germany and Denmark we recommend you to see the presentation of Vladislav Akhmatov of ENERGINET “Kriegers Flak Grid-Connection System: Automatic Voltage and Reactive Power Control” at our Baltic Offshore Grid Forum event "Baltic Sea Offshore Wind Energy Grid Development 2035"  in Lyngby (Denmark) on 23 May 2018.