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15 June 2018

Partners participated at the 41st IAEE conference: “Transforming Energy Markets” and presented conceptual study on Supra-National TSO

Copyright: Claire Bergaentzlé
Copyright: Reyer Boxem
Copyright: Reyer Boxem

The IAEE (International Association for Energy Economics) has organised the 41st edition of their international conference which has as usual attracted delegates from the most influential governmental, corporate and academic energy decision-making institutions worldwide. Conference programs in the past have addressed critical issues of vital concern and importance to governments and industries and provide a forum where policy issues are presented, considered and discussed at both formal sessions and informal social functions. This year’s event was entitled “transforming energy markets” with around 650 participants gathering and discussing the future of global energy market development in the 21st century. Thus, a perfect forum to disseminate results of the Baltic InteGrid project.

The project was represented by Claire Bergaentzlé (Danish Technical University), who presented the study entitled “A Supra-National TSO To Achieve Offshore Meshed Grids Infrastructure In The Baltic Sea: A Legal-Regulatory Point Of View” which she has prepared in collaboration with project partners from Aalto University (Finland) and the Institute for Climate Change, Energy and Mobility – IKEM (Germany). In doing so, they have driven attention on the regulatory barriers to joint investment in an offshore meshed grid project and presented potential solutions at the cross-road between regulatory economics and law.

More information to the presentation can be found here and you can download the abstract of the study under the name of the authors and the title of the study here.