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08 November 2017

Project Video: Kriegers Flak Combined Grid Solution

The German TSO 50Hertz and the Danish TSO Energinet have now released an info video about the Kriegers Flak Combined Grid Solution:

The Kriegers Flak Combined Grid Solution is the world’s first offshore interconnector that will use national grid connections to offshore wind farms in order to connect two countries. When completed, the connection should have a capacity of 400 MW and connect the Danish region of Sjaelland and German Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

While Germany already has two offshore wind farms in the area, Baltic 1 and Baltic 2, Denmark is currently preparing to construct the offshore wind farm Kriegers Flak. The completed offshore wind farms will then be located less than 30 kilometres away from each other and will be connected by two submarine cables to establish the interconnector.


Learn more about the project here (50Hertz) and here (Energinet).