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22 June 2016

3rd transnational project meeting and 1st Thematic Working Group seminar "Maritime Spatial Planning"

Copyright: The Maritime Institute in Gdansk

The partnership of the Baltic InteGrid convened in Gdansk on 4 and 5 October for the third internal partner meeting of the project, and for the very first Thematic Working Group (TWG) on Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP).

Hosted by the Maritime Institute of Gdansk, the TWG focused on the complex topic of MSP. Each country around the Baltic Sea is currently developing their national Maritime Spatial Plans, with some being very far along already, and others finding themselves in a much earlier stage of planning.

The Baltic InteGrid’s research aims to develop a roadmap towards a coordinated offshore grid in the Baltic Sea region, and does so from an interdisciplinary perspective. Maritime Spatial Planning is one key aspect of this research. The TWG brought together the partnership with several regional spatial planners, and inspired by impulses from the Danish Technical University (DTU) and the Maritime Institute in Gdansk (MIG), the partnership collaboratively drafted various concepts for possible location of an offshore meshed grid in the Baltic Sea region. These concepts will be considered, improved and elaborated on throughout the project

Please see the minutes of the TWG meeting for details:

Thematic Working Group Seminar "Spatial Planning" (Gdansk)