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15 May 2017

Country Workshop on Offshore Wind Energy in Latvia was held in Riga

Baltic InteGrid has conducted the first of its six planned country workshops. Under the title “Offshore Wind Energy Infrastructure: Opportunities and Challenges in Latvia” on 15 May 2017 the project partners have received valuable insights into Offshore Wind Energy (OWE) development in Latvia and discussed opportunities and challenges with national stakeholders. Dr. Andris Akermanis from the local Baltic inteGrid project partner (Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments) opened the workshop and welcomed all participants in Riga, followed by a short presentation introducing participants to the current energy issues in Latvia. He pointed out that Latvia will reach its renewable energy targets by 2020 without much problems. However, this will happen without a fair share of offshore wind energy, although there is good potential due to high wind speeds along the Latvian coastline.

Representatives from the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Environment and Regional Planning could also lay out the progress made in renewable energy development and the plans of OWE in it. Also, a representative from the Latvian Wind Energy Association and from the Latvian Technical Service Operator could present their perspectives on the OWE development in their country.

In the workshop it became apparent that the OWE potential in Latvia is underutilized due to several different reasons, inter alia competition of interests of different groups.

For more details, please see the minutes and the presentations of the meeting:

Minutes of the Country Workshop Latvia, Riga

Presentations of the Country Workshop Latvia (Zip-folder)