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01 March 2017

Conference „Offshore wind energy an opportunity for the Polish economy” took place on 27 to 28 February, 2017

Copyright: FNEZ
Copyright: FNEZ

In Warsaw, the conference „Offshore wind energy an opportunity for the Polish economy” took place on 27-28th February, 2017. The Conference brought together over 250 participants - representatives of government and authorities, the most important national and international maritime companies, developers, producers, investors and experts in maritime environment, spatial planning, geology and geotechnical engineering, design, wind measurement, security, social communication and legal issues.

The Conference was a great success. In international audience, we discussed potential of the Baltic Sea and we agreed a great energy and industry potential of the offshore wind in Poland”, said Maciej Stryjecki, host of the conference and president of the board of the SMDI Advisory Group. He further stated, that “representatives of the Polish industries were unanimous that offshore industry is ready to start offshore wind projects in Polish maritime areas and implementation of projects could be based on local content. The Baltic Sea has the opportunity to become the next offshore wind energy market after the North Sea and Poland has a great ability to be part of it.”

More about the conference is available here.