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18 May 2018

Joint Thematic Working Group Seminar "Environment & Society" and "Cost-Benefit Analysis"

Copyright: Yin Bo
Copyright: Mareike Hannes
Copyright: Mareike Hannes

Thematic Working Group Seminar “Environment & Society” and “Cost-Benefit Analysis”

Once again, the Baltic Offshore Grid Forum (BOGF) brings together experts to discuss the future of Offshore Wind Energy in the Baltic Sea Region at a Thematic Working Group Seminar organised alongside the WINDFORCE Conference 2018 in Bremerhaven. The event was divided into two sessions dedicated to the topics 1) Environment & Society and 2) Cost-Benefit Analysis.

For more details of the joint seminar please see the minutes and the presentations:
Dr. Vanessa Stelzenmüller (Thünen-Institut)
Dr. Matthias Wehkamp (Stiftung OFFSHORE-WINDENERGIE)
Mariusz Wójcik (Foundation for Sustainable Energy)
Dr. Bo Yin (GEIDCO)
Alexandra Armeni (Deutsche WindGuard)
Richard Weinhold (IKEM) and Anna-Kathrin Wallasch (Deutsche WindGuard)