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About Baltic InteGrid

Offshore wind energy plays an important role in a diversified and sustainable energy mix of the future. The Baltic Sea Region (BSR) offers good conditions for offshore wind development: Waters are relatively shallow, wave height is lower, tides are less pronounced and the distances to the shore are shorter than in the North Sea, resulting in lower installation and grid infrastructure costs. By 2030, the BSR could be home to 12,2 GW in offshore wind capacity, of which only about 1,5 GW has actually been installed by the end of 2015. Offshore wind in the EU totals 12,6 GW (2016), the vast majority of which is located in the North Sea.

The offshore wind energy market in the Baltic Sea is at an early development stage, compared to the experiences made in the North Sea, where studies have shown that meshed, interconnected grids can bring significant economic and environmental benefits. 


The project Baltic InteGrid is exploring the potential of meshed offshore grids for the Baltic Sea region. It aims at contributing to a sustainable electricity generation, the further integration of regional electricity markets, and to enhance the security of supply around the Baltic Sea.

After three years (2016-2019), the Baltic InteGrid project has come to an intermediary end and the results can be accessed in the News and Download sections. The efforts for a meshed offshore grid in the Baltic Sea region are being further continued through the Baltic Offshore Grid Forum (BOGF).We invite you to join the discussions. See you at the next BOGF events.